Morocco Trips 4 :

We give a warm welcome to our Morocco wonderland, and invite you to get known to the hidden gems of our country of 1001 nights. The varied aspects of Morocco will make your trip a memorable experience. Either if you want to visit the imperial cities, the sahara desert or the oceanside – you will experience Morocco’s landscapes, its customs and ancient culture and especially the hospitality of the inhabitants, that surprises every traveler. You will never forget the wonderland of Morocco.

Welcome to Morocco Tours & Excursions :

We are a Berber family from the desert, that specialized for several years, organizing private guided tours through whole Morocco. As we are Imazighen from the South of Morocco, our parents and grandparents are Berber. We have been working in the field of moroccan tourism for 3 generations. Our goal is, that you feel comfortable and welcome during your vacation in Morocco.

We know, that no two travelers are the same. So we give our best to prepare your private tour to suit you and your family – and also your budget.

Our work is our passion :

It is a honor for our licensed tour guides to share their knowledge of Morocco with you. We organize all types of roundtrips and routes to suit our guests desires.

■ Morocco Roundtrips starting from: Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, Fes, Tanger, Rabat
■ Sahara Desert Tours with 4×4 and Camels starting from all big Cities
■ We provide accommodation that suits your budget.
■ And a stay in one of Morocco’s Riads is a MUST, which we arrange with pleasure for you.
■ Individual Tours, tailored on your special desires – just ask for it.

As Moroccan hospitality is one of our greatest gift to you, we want to show you the real moroccan life and help you to meet people from all over Morocco to understand our local customs and traditions. We see ourselves in promoting local services, for more sustainability in moroccan tourism as an contrast to mass tourism.

Achraf Oujil : Travel Seller & Tour Guide :

Team : Morocco Tours & Excursions
We are happy to welcome you as guests to Morocco and deeply satisfied when we say Goodbye to friends.

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