beach in Morocco :

Agadir: sun and sand :

Sunbathing and swimming ,with its miraculous climate , providing a minimum of 300 days of sunshine a year, and its 10 km long beach, agadir has all you need for a great seaside holidays. Agadir is member of a private club which is part of the world’s most beautiful bays. It contains a marina which can receive several hundred pleasure boats.

Seaside, the developed coastal road allows you to stroll along more of the sea front, a popular place for a walk at any time of day. Don’t miss visiting the port which is constantly buzzing.

The old Kasbah :

Destroyed by the earthquake of 1960, the Kasbah no longer has its crenellated ramparts. Nevertheless, this elevated site has a complete view of the bay, the port and the new town; it is enchanting at sundown, when the light is flecked with gold.

SAIDIA beach :

Golden strip. A beautiful bay and above all, 14 km of fine sand, saidia is a new generation of resort that holds on to its Moroccan charm. Stroll under the mimosa and eucalyptus trees that line the beach, sunbathe freely and, above all, dive into the turquoise water inviting you to relax.

Dream coast road, to take the full measure of the transparency and clearness of the sea as it gently laps the coast; a walk along the coast road is highly recommended. All the families and holiday makers go there at the end of the day, when the sand takes on a golden color and everything becomes softer and gentler.


Business, trade and the Moroccan dolce vita…everything happens in Casablanca and it dynamism is infectious.

The architectural tradition of the city endures to this day with the inauguration of the Hassan 2 mosque on the 30th of august 1çç3. This 200m high mosque is one the largest in the world. You can take the Ain daib coast road between the El hank lighthouse and Sidi Bou Abdurrahman mausoleum, a small village only accessible at low tide. This coast is Casablanca seaside resort. It has swimming pools, public and private beaches. Coming here to admire the sun setting and to refresh oneself on a terrace is a classic outing. Every weekend, the in habitants of Casablanca love to meet each other here. Later in evening the discotheques keep things lively in this city which never sleeps.