Erg Chebbi tour :

After rising early, you will be able to ride a dromedary back to the hotel, take a shower and have your breakfast then drive Morocco tours Excursions he will take you into the charismatic region, you will have the opportunity to share a tea with the nomad family , visit the black desert and its fossils after we will stop in place call khamlia ( black people) they will play for you typical music of gnawa, then you will eat a delicious Berber pizza. You’ll be back to auberge in time to relax around the swimming pool with a stunning view over the dunes.

Camel Trek :

At the afternoon you will prepare for a 2 hour jaunt on camel back into the desert. (Walking alongside the camels is also an option). The night is spending alfresco Berber style under the stars followed by a night in a Bedouin style tent. The tents are in a private area without the hordes of people you might find in other camping locations. Rise early the next morning to witness an amazing sunset over the golden sand. If you prefer not to camp out, simply ride the camel for 1 hour to view the sunset and spend the night at the hotel.

We Imazighen South, our parents and grandparents are Berber. We have been in the tourism for 3 generations. Organize trips with 4×4’s and camels into the heart of the Sahara desert. We provide accommodation to suit your budget. A stay in one of Morocco’s Raids is a must and we arrange it all. No two travelers are the same, Viviagens understands this so a tour will be prepared to suit you and your family. There is also the possibility to spend a night in the desert and sleeping in a hostel (Haima). We organize all types of circuits and routes to suit the travele …